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Why Offsite Business Cloud Backup & Data Protection is important?

Disasters can strike at any time with little or no warning at all. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires affect thousands of businesses around the globe every year. These disasters leave devastating damages that may take long time to recover. However, most of this physical loss is covered by the insurance. The real problem starts while overcoming the loss that is not physical in nature. An insurance company can’t bring back your lost data.So you may never be able to recreate customer lists, financial records and other data that may be valuable for your business. And what about equipment failure and human error? That causes most of the data loss incidents. It is estimated around 70% of small businesses in United States has experienced a data loss due to a technical or human error in last one year. While the amount of data stored on servers and workstations continues to grow the only way to make sure that you can recover your data in case of disaster is getting it backed up at a remote location.With a number of different options for cloud backup available in the market, it is important that you choose the right solution for your organization. “Acronis backup cloud” is a fast, powerful and integrated platform that provides “backup as a service “to deliver easy, complete and safe data protection for your entire environment.Here is why “Acronis backup cloud” is important for your business.

The Consequences of Data Loss can be Devastating and Far Reaching

You may not have realized that the consequences of data loss can be devastating and far-reaching. At a minimum, it will result in decreased productivity of your business with the possible loss of revenue depending on the severity of data loss. Moreover, there are high costs involved in data recovery that can easily reach into thousands depend on the amount of data needs to be recovered. Downtime as result of data loss causes businesses $1.7 trillion per year, while on average downtime as result of data loss results in revenue loss of $423 per minute.  However, in case your business completely lose access to its critical data will be even more catastrophic. According to EMC 43% of companies that experience catastrophic data loss never reopen and 51% of those who reopen also go out of business within two years. A company that is completely denied access to its mission critical data for few days will cause it enough damage that it will take months or even year to completely recover from it. According to “Information Week”, 87% companies in United States admitted that failure to recover data would be damaging to their business while 23% said it would be disastrous.Despite such high risks involved 56% businesses in North America, 60% in Gulf and 35% in Europe don’t have adequate arrangements for offsite data backup.

Natural Disasters can occur Any time and no region in Immune

Natural disasters like Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Hail, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Floods, and Fire, occur everywhere around the globe. Sometimes, you get warning for such harsh weather conditions, other times there is no warning as in case of earthquakes and tornadoes.  Thus even if you are located in the relatively safer area, your business must be prepared at the all the times. In many cases, companies don’t really understand the real costs and consequences of data loss therefore not willing to spend few dollars in getting your data backed up to ensure a quick recovery in case of disaster. Despite all these many businesses still fails to prepare especially small businesses are more at risk due to lack of resources ad knowledge to assess the risk.

Human Error can Cause Irreparable Harm with in a Matter of Seconds

Disasters do not only come from nature; even small human error can result in a substantial loss within a matter of seconds. Your employee may delete something important by mistake or fail to take local data backup correctly leaving you big trouble. Although rare, terrorist attacks are also something important to consider. Businesses are more likely to experience data loss from human or technical error then natural disaster. Hardware failures, Operating System corruption, Viruses, Power outage, etc. are the most common problem that may result in loss of business critical data.

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