Backup Solutions

Kloud data backup powered by Acronis is a reliable, secure, scalable and affordable way of data protection. You can backup all of your data for the recovery at the later time.  Data Engine technology ” and “hybrid cloud architecture” ensure business continuity and disaster recovery across all the physical and virtual environments

You should choose us because

  • We have experience and proven track record of working with all types of companies with different sizes.
  • Our aim is to develop a long-term working relationship with you.
  • We get most of the business from our repeated customers who account for 85% of our revenues.
  • We provide our customers full assistance from a selection of appropriate plan to post-deployment support.

Any of your data stored on our cloud will always be your property. We will recognize all the data coming from your account and only you will have access to it. All of the data centers are in fully compliance with international Standards, regulations, and laws related to information security. Therefore you should never worry about your data. We will take every possible measure to ensure its security on our end.

Yes, all of our data backup plans comes with automated data backup and file recovery.

Kloud data backup powered by Acronis Any data technology is most advanced yet affordable way to protect your data. It is comparatively lean, modular, secure, and scalable than others. In addition to that it is affordable, require less network bandwidth, with almost zero overhead costs due to easy management.

You will be able to set up your backup within few minutes, it’s easy, hassle-free and enables you to start getting you data backup within few minutes of your subscription.

Kloud backup solutions are very easy to install. You will need to take following steps.

Step 1: Run the installation file and select install agents

Step 2: Sign in to your Backup Account through web interface

Step 3: It will display default installation settings, Edit if necessary

Step 4: Wait for the installation process to complete.

Step 5: After Agent has installed, you can backup your data through the management console.

You can access your data from anywhere any time following these steps

Step 1: Sign into Acronis Management Console through  Web interface.

Step 2: Click on Access and Recovery option in the Menu.

Step 3: Select the Device, which data you want to access or recover.

Step 4: Select the data category you want.

Step 5: You may choose to view or Recover from the options menu.

Step 6: The Backup should start immediately.

If you want to switch your backup plan, you should contact us by

(i)Talking to our customer representative via online chat

(ii) Writing an Email to us at info@kloud.ae

(iii) Talking to one of our experts at +97143382500

You should take following steps in case you fail to get your backup

  • Get help from “online community” at https://forum.acronis.com/, and in most cases, you will be able to resolve your problem yourself.
  • Have an online conversation with Acronis Engineer from your account.
  • Write an Email to Acronis Customer support team
  • You may also call our customer services team at +97143382500

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a combination of Desktop Office applications and cloud-based services that together provide a complete package of productivity services.  It allows the use of office apps on Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition to that, it also offers additional space.  Business editions come with a personalized email address, Extended data storage, Social Networking, Exchange Server, Share point and Skype for communication online.

Office 365 comes in different editions for commercial and non-commercial users.  Both of these editions are loaded with the various features.  These features include Business Email, File storage and backup, online communication, meeting, and organization tools. All these tools are an addition to standard office applications.

Office 365 offers two unique features like Business email and calendar.  “Shared Calendar”  lets you see when other people are free or busy at any time, helping you to schedule meetings and other engagements with them . While Business class email is a need for email provider personalized email service.

Microsoft has designed office 365 to help organizations to meet their data security needs.  It makes easier for your organization to comply with different legal, regularity, and technical standards.  You can manage compliance across your office 365, Exchange online and Sharepoint through compliance center.

There are several ways to get more information about Office 365.

(i)You may simply browse Kloud.ae home page and a relevant page with a detailed description of different Office 365 edition in a simplified way.

(ii) Talk to our customer representative via online chat features.

(iii) Write an Email to us at info@kloud.ae

(iv) Talk to one of our experts at +97143382500

You may connect your email account in following ways

  • You may access your mailbox through Outlook web browser app that lets you access your email without requiring full mail client from any computer. It gives you freedom to use email to its full potential without the need of Outlook Access, read, write and send your email messages, or organize your contacts, create tasks, or manage your calendar it offers everything that includes in standard Outlook version. The outlook web app is compatible with almost every popular browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome and many others.
  • You may access also access your business email account from your desktop PC with Outlook application that comes with office 365 h desktop Outlook application
  • You may also use office 365 applications and web services through your mobile phone and tablets. You will have to setup your mobile device to access your business email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

Of course, the office 365 email and calendar solution ( Exchange online) is compatible with most of the mobile devices. However, the accessing it through mobile devices may limit functionality some of its features

If you use Linux or any operating system other than Microsoft Windows or Mac, then you have concerns about its compatibility with Office 365. While you will be accessing office 365 services through web browsers, almost all are fully compatible with it.  Therefore you should not worry, whatever operating system you use, you will be able to use your office 365 package to its full potential.

Although most of the web browsers can be used to access office 365 applications through web interface. Following versions are highly recommended for the best experience.

  • Internet Explorer 9 or above.
  • Firefox latest release version.
  • Chrome latest “stable version.”
  • Safari latest version.

One Drive is name of Microsoft`s cloud-based file hosting service, that is offered to every Microsoft account holders for free.  It also comes with office 365 business edition offering users to store, share and syn their files online. You may update and share your files with others at the same time.

Unfortunately, you can’t send any attachments larger than 25MB with email. However, you can upload such files using One Drive service and share the link with others.

Domains /accounts in office 365 are not automatically backed up if you see any items missing from your account may attempt to recover and restore them by using  “ the recover deleted items” option.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is new brand of Microsoft that is a combination of Dynamics CRM online, and ERP functions offered on  “cloud-enabled unified package”. It also includes different applications to manage files sales teams, marketing planning and activities, project managements, and operations and customer services. The whole concept is to equip employees with handy tools for better management of business through better more meaningful interaction with suppliers and customers.

Dynamics 365 is a combination of next generation business application powered by cloud offers full power of Microsoft`s productivity tools. These features like advanced analytics, Azure internet of things, Power of Business Intelligence and new common data model platform where two different worlds are joined to help you manage business efficiently.

Dynamics 365 apps fit specific roles, which are part of every business on day to day basis like finance, supply chain management, operations and customer services, etc.  Usually, you will be buying ERP and CRM that are loaded with some apps that you may not use. With Dynamics 365 you will have the option to buy what you need and add other applications as your business grow.

You employees will be empowered by a merged word that will significantly reduce the time spent on switching the screens. Dynamics 365 offers truly unified commerce at a global scale helping you to grow and evolve your business according to needs of the market, without much complexity and costs.

Dynamics 365 apps offer clients a complete combination of cloud-enabled solutions, that is need of every business. Customers can get benefits from flexible plans offered by Kloud and can help their employees to manage your business efficiently.

Dynamics 365 comes in two editions Business and Enterprises. Business edition supports less than 250 users while Enterprise Edition is designed to support 250+ users.

Dynamics 365 is cloud-based products, so on-premises version will not be available. However, Microsoft offers Dynamics AX on-premise solution supported with connectors for customers who wish to use a hybrid of the on-premise solution and cloud-based solution. We advise our clients to consider subscribing Dynamics 365 as Dynamics AX may not stay current for long, requiring you to upgrade or consider other options.

You should buy Dynamics 365 due to following reasons.

  • We have experience and proven track record of working with all types of companies with different sizes.
  • Our aim is to develop a long-term working relationship with you.
  • We get most of the business from our repeated customers who account for 85% of our revenues.

•We provide our customers full assistance from a selection of appropriate plan to post-deployment support.

The organizations who are already using Dynamics cloud solution such as Dynamics AX online or Dynamics CRM online, Microsoft has designed a seamless transition process. If you are already using on-premises solution and ready for cloud with Dynamics 365. Then you must contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

You may have concerns about expected downtime during your migration/up gradation to Dynamics 365. We understand you may not afford downtime of days and weeks. Therefore Microsoft Dynamics is designed to go live within few hours. We will work with you to ensure to make your transition as seamless as possible.

Although in most cases you can solve most of your problem yourself easily by browsing about it online Depending on the level of your subscription, you will directly get technical support from Microsoft that will be available 24/7. If you need help, you may contact your Dynamics 365/CRM online administrator, and they will assist you through it.


Unless, otherwise, stated, the standard subscription period for all of our plans will be at least 1 year.

We will make sure; you continue to use service without any disruption. Therefore our customer services representative will contact you through email or phone to remind you about re-subscription of the plan before it expires.

Please contact us 04 33 82 500 to discuss your preferred mode of payment. Our customer services representative will guide you through the process.

Generally, It’s not possible for us to cancel your subscription after you have started using the service. We will deduct 40% of proposal value as service charges if you change your mind after making payment.

Generally, there are no additional charges with the subscription to any of our plan. However, if you need additional services including visit to your site, you may have to pay for it.  You may contact us at 04 33 82 500 for further assistance.

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